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Brand USA is Suffering


It’s enough to make you want to not get up in the morning.

Economic crisis. Banks, mortgagors, auto makers that are “too big to fail”. Big government getting bigger. Oil gushing where we don’t want it gushing. Finger wagging. Kicking Ass. And rolling heads. Al & Tipper. It’s a bit too much to handle.

Or is it?

Being a world leader has never been easy. Just ask Superman – defender of Truth, Justice and the American Way.

I, for one, would appreciate seeing more Clark Kent in our leadership – both corporate and government. Yes, Kent was a split personality. But aren’t we all? Kent was humble, unassuming, diligent, under spoken. Sometimes he let himself get pushed around a bit. But if things were going bad those traits morphed quickly into unparalleled strength, protectiveness and unflagging loyalty. Most importantly – Superman always won. He got the job done.

We could all use much more of that from leadership today.

Watch or read about our Senate “rippin’ BP a new one” and you’ll want to add Clark Kent as a write in on your ballet in Nov.

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