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When “Customer Service” Isn’t About Either of those Words


Making copy changes to a website I followed the clients’ directions on login and edit functionality. Made the changes and looked for the “submit” button as the site instructed. No such button to be seen. I called “tech support” and after a 17 minute hold was told – “You probably can’t see the button because you’re on a Mac.” Huh?

With an impending “live chat” for the client to occur today – I needed to get those copy changes made. This time I worked from my PC. Still no submit button. So I tried the next logical choice “Save”.

Not good. Doubled up images, copy over images, paragraphs 3 words wide and 30 words tall. Not the best user experience.

Called tech support again. Started explaining the situation. Got cut off.

Called tech support again – again! Demanded he take my phone number in case we got cut off. Got cut off again. Better still no call back.

There’s more drama to this than you need/want to hear about.

In today’s world good customer service is incredibly rare.

In the week’s to come I will chronicle those rarities. This has been initiated by a recent conversation with a former Lands’ End colleague, Jeanne Bliss. Bliss considers herself a “customer zealot”. I like that concept. There’s room for more of them. Apparently there are others who think similarly. Bliss’ company CustomerBliss provides consul to some of the top brands in the USA.

Bliss’ latest book “I Love You More Than My Dog” follows her first book, “Chief Customer Officer”. The newer release is an easy read – even if you can’t stand business books and have ADD.

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