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Political Correctness Sinks to New Low in Minnesota


In 1994 some guy named Steve Horner sued the now-defunct Gators bar. Horner complained about paying a cover charge on “Ladies’ Night” and the bar discriminated against him. The case was settled out of court. The damage $500.

I have to ask the question. What self-respecting guy is going to sue a bar for marketing to women? “Ladies’ Night” is a staple of bar marketing. It’s right up there with Happy Hour, Football Wings Days, etc. I mean c’mon!

Horner must’ve been pretty self-assured.

Off Color? Of Course but Discriminatory?

Most guys hitting the bar scene are looking for any edge in that scene.

The other night at Sally’s Saloon and Eatery, Missy Austin, gathered with friends and “I guess ladies’ nights are kind of old school, especially in this day and age.” But she and her friends are OK with that: “We’re all in college and don’t have much money.”

From another point of view, Ross Reynolds doesn’t begrudge the ladies free or reduced-price drinks pointing out that, “For the most part, a lot of guys end up buying girls drinks. So ladies’ night saves us money.” Smart kid!

1994 was a ways back. So why write about it now?

The PC cops are fining bars marketing “Ladies’ Night” in 2010. Of course our enforcement department could be focused on less critical – like homicieds in Minneapolis. Last year in the City of Lakes there were just 19 murders — the lowest number in a quarter century. But so far this year in Minneapolis, there have already been 21 killings and there is normally a spike in the summer.

The record for murders in Minneapolis is 97, set in 1995.

I guess until we get closer to 97 we’ll focus on busting “Ladies’ Nights”. I feel safer and equal already!

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