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Storefront Du Jour


Entrepreneurs have been unleashed by the tepid job market. Someone I worked for was fond of saying, “the world is awash with ideas but few are ever carried through”. If you’re a bootstrapping startup testing your product should be at the top of your checklist. Unfortunately costs of such a step can be prohibitive. What if you could test your product or service – or try out a spinoff of something you’re already doing in prime retail space?

Think outside the box. That’s exactly what an entrepreneur in Minneapolis did. Amanda Luker created Storefront-in-a-Box. Luker and partners needed revenue from their rented space while they got their own business up and running later this year. Until then they are renting their space – a week at a time for $200.

A New Shop Each Week

For many who have rented the space the focus isn’t on selling things. It’s more about peddling ideas – many for little or no cost. Still others have creative uses for the space. Currently booked are a nerd party, a punk rock emporium, an art swap, a bicycle film festival and a theater bookstore that just lost its lease.

There are rules, of course, nothing illegal, no sleeping there and you have to sweep up before you leave. Otherwise – it’s up to you!

What an opportunity for product testing! Have a new line of clothing, a spin-off product or service? With minimal expense test out your product, service or marketing technique. Brilliant!

I’d say they are on to something here.

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