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Stuck in the 70’s – Spending Like It’s 1999


Reunion tours are nothing new. Album re-releases are a recording industry mainstay. Often these “re’s” speak only to a small but faithful audience.

Not so with this reunion, “The Troubadour Reunion Tour” with Carol King and James Taylor was not a night to hear any songs written after the Carter administration

King and Taylor performed at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul last night while 18,000 baby boomers got high on nostalgia.

Holy crap! 18,000? At an average ticket price of $60 (ours were double that) that’s just north of $1 million at night. Add a share of concessions,  t-shirts, etc. and you got yourself a business. This a world tour but the USA venues number at 22. You can do the math.

In a day when consumers have voted with their wallets putting retailers, restaurants and auto makers on the brink or into the abyss – you’ve got to recognize the power of performers to draw $1 mil a night.

Taylor and King delivered what the crowd wanted – a great song-list (QUALITY), spirited delivery (SERVICE), appropriate concert length – 2 hours (VALUE).

Think of the last time your experience with retailer or eatery delivered on those three attributes. Hmmm…I can’t either! Consumers are bored by sameness, fatigued by inferior quality and unmotivated by uninspired marketing. Follow the template used by the  two 60+ year old performers and your business will be singing along nicely.

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