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$5 Consultants – Coach Class for Entrepreneurs

A Marketplace Where People Will Do Your Annoying Tasks For Five Bucks

Let’s say you want more Twitter followers but won’t spend a penny over $5 do it.

You’re in luck, thanks to a new free service called Fiverr, which is a marketplace of people willing to do just about anything for five U.S. dollars. For $5 a consultant with the handle “IKnowBigfoot” will get you 800 followers on Twitter in 24 hours.

Just go to the site and search for a task you need to get done, or scroll through their list of categories. You may find something you didn’t even realize you needed (like having somebody stage a fake emergency call during a bad date).

Virtual Personal Shopper for $5

Need an exercise program? No problem. Want something translated from Italian to German (or visa versa)? No problem.

Is it Craigslist for the underemployed? The minor leagues for the “I wanna start my own business” crowd?

I don’t know for sure but as the saying goes…”Competing on price is a race to the bottom!”.

I would always err on the side of value added over price.

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