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Job Loyalty – Are Corporate Logo Tattoos Too Much?


There’s an alledged movement within some corporate environs to show solidarity to your employer by embellishing your body with your employers logo. For example, Anytime Fitness says more than 200 staffers among the company’s nearly 3,300 hundred clubs worldwide have gone under the needle in the name of Anytime enthusiasm. Decorum prevents me from inserting an off-color joke here.

I drank the Kool-Aid. Does that make me cool?

So I ask…are corporate logo tattoos too much? Yes! Unless you’re the founder or owner of the company. In today’s business climate, paralegals (like young Katie Edmeier at left), managers, support staff, vice presidents, etc. are precariously perched within corporate structure. Imagine sporting an employer’s logo the day after you’ve been down-sized.

Anytime CEO Chuck Runyon says, “We bleed purple here at corporate”. OK…purple is the color of Anytime’s little logo. I’d like to know if the CEO has a little logo tattooed anywhere. For the record – I don’t have to see it to believe it.

The only time corporate logos are cool is when they come from the passion of being a consumer.

Have you seen a Harley-Davidson tattoo on an obvious rider? Looks great.

My favorite is the following that Browning enjoys. Browning makes products for the outdoors.

That's brand loyalty!

Guns, bows and toys of that sort. A few years back they created the “Buck Mark”. The Browning logo had been a profile of a deer. It’s a stylized image that enthusiasts are drawn to.

If brand affiliation is your goal. Do it from the heart. Not from the paycheck.

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