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Onsite video is appearing on websites, social networks, embedded in emails, mobile platforms – at a rapid pace. New product launches are propelled by video appearing in multiple online channels. Google uses YouTube to demonstrate the wicked fast speed of Chrome.

For many marketers finding a good production partner to produce online video can be challenging. Onsite video requires a balance of technology, production, equipment, talent and creative.

I’ve recently seen a number of works from a Frederick, Maryland based technology services company – Inroads. CEO Joe Alberici has spent the past several years developing multiple products to give companies, both large and small, new marketing capabilities. Inroads products include Content Management (this puts your hands on the steering wheel of your website’s content), online catalogs with embedded video, video business cards (really cool for realtors, pharma or automobile sales). All are top shelf. Alberici is about to launch a video-specific site to connect with prospects looking to add onsite video to their marketing mix. His team is rock-solid and their work is first-class.

Google has fun with “Chrome Speed Tests” and published “the making of Chrome Speed Tests” – bringing nearly 1.7 million views of the two-minute spot.

I can’t think of a single product that wouldn’t benefit from 1.7 million voluntary views of a onsite video promoting the newer, bigger, cooler, better widget. Perhaps it’s time to get on board.

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