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Biggest Brand Winners of the Decade


On May 6th my post was on “The Palin Brand”. I wrote about the power of Sarah Palin’s personal brand, the success of her book, “Going Rogue” and Palin’s agility in managing her brand.

Today I saw that Geoffery James, an accomplished business writer, identified Palin as one of the top 5 “Biggest Brand Winners of the Decade”.

According to James, Palin’s in good company. James also listed Apple, Google, and the Clintons (his perspective on Clintons is worth reading) in the top 5.

I took exception to his pick for top brand. James selected “Atheism” as #1. And his reasoning is as suspect as a Jewish Pope. Geoffery James is entitled to his opinion, as well all are, so I’ll leave it alone.

If you have suggestions for a the brand that should be considered the “Biggest Brand Winner of the Decade”  – send them on in. I’ll report back with the results.

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