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Ted Nugent – Marketing Maven?


“I really have the American dream licked”. I wish I’d said that.

The Nuge

It’s a quote by Ted Nugent.

What I find compelling about Ted (or Uncle Ted – as he likes to be called) is his passion. His energy and positiveness permeates everything he does. Ted’s fame comes from his rock music and, of course, ultra-energized guitar playing.

From that Uncle Ted has developed a presence in the outdoor/hunting world, TV, movies and public speaking. Ted is outspoken about Second Amendment rights – which has led Uncle Ted into political environments.

But here’s what I admire about Ted Nugent. He strives for, and attains, balance in his life. Music, outdoors and family are his primary activities. I was invited to dinner during a trade show in Las Vegas with Ted. It was me, two other guys, the Nuge and his 3 adult children. As you’d expect Ted did most of the talking. But it was apparent he was more relaxed with his kid’s at the table.

Google “Ted Nugent Music” and there are nearly 1.4 million results. Google “Ted Nugent” and there are another 1.3 million results. And the diversity of topics are stunning.

You don’t have to agree with his points of view to admire his ability to market himself while keeping a grip on his life and his priorities.

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