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Why Marketing “Green” Doesn’t Work


Marketing eco-friendly products isn’t as easy as it might seem, particularly if the products involve some kind of sacrifice or behavioral change on the part of the consumer.

Individual purchases have little to do with the greater good of society and everything to do with individual preferences.

Appealing to people’s concern for the environment isn’t a winning strategy, at least by itself.

Products need real features and benefits that consumers want and will pay for. If it’s a great product that does wonderful things for me and it’s green – it’s a bonus.

Two weeks ago I mentioned a company called Vast Enterprises. Vast manufacturers pavers “bricks” out of recycled tires. Here’s the benefit: Vast Pavers are lighter, more durable and not any more expensive. Oh, and by the way, the are made of old tires that might have otherwise wound up in the landfill. That’s a green benefit consumers can get behind.

Vast Pavers

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