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Shorten URL’s – With Attitude


We are in the age of Twitter. Like it or not. Frankly I’m still on the fence regarding Twitter. But that’s just me.

Abbreviations and character counts rule the day. And shortening urls is now a way of life which has given rise to host of services like TinyUrl (which I use) and

And while they do the trick, they lack a certain sense of smug knowingness, to say nothing of the fact that what they produce is often cryptic (because its random).

Enter ShadyURL, a random url generator that offers names that are “suspicious and frightening”. And, obviously, much funnier than the standard shortened url.

Shady or Spot On?

So I thought I’d try a few:


Now I’m not sayin’…but look at that and tell me that’s not an awesome head shot. Pretty weird.

Obviously ShadyURL does not take a 78 character url and condense it to a 26 character url. But with “how to skin a gerbil” and “awesome real life headshots” in your tweet…perhaps the rest of your message is just whistling in the wind.

Excerpts from “Netted by Webby”

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