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No Cash? No Card? There’s An App For That!


Ever found yourself without your wallet? It happens to me every so often. Out the door, off to somewhere. Get there. No wallet.

Ever leave your phone somewhere? Rarely.

Starbucks Pay App

Now your in luck if you find yourself sans wallet and cash but have your iPhone in hand!

The Starbucks Card Mobile app allows you to register and add an initial balance for a card, check its balance, reload it when you’re out of money, and—if you’re visiting one of the trial stores—pay for your drinks.

Tap on the “Touch to Pay” button, and your Starbucks Card bar code will pop up on your iPhone/iPod for the baristas to scan. Payments made with your virtual Starbucks card give you the same rewards as paying with a physical card, so you can rack up all kinds of fun bonuses like free syrup, coffee refills, and even free AT&T WiFi.

The test launch last September included only 16 stores in Seattle and the Bay Area. Now it’s available at the over 1,00 Starbucks/Target hybrids nationwide.

I used mine today. I was “the first one” for the crew at the Starbucks/Target near me. After a bit of fumbling with the scanner they made it work…and slick it was.

Could this be the future of e-Pay solutions at more stores? An App linking your bank account to your mobile allowing you to slim down the plastic you carry in your wallet. I like the sound of that.


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