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Cardboard is the new Black


Skimming through the “25 Most Promising New Products for 2010” by I noticed two products made of cardboard. The cardboard laptop bag is intriguing but kind of a novelty.

Recompute Cardboard PC

The other – Recompute the cardboard PC is innovative on multiple fronts.

For one, cardboard is a superior insulator to plastic…so the case does not heat up like a traditional PC shell.

It’s green or perhaps more importantly for some people – it looks “green”.

What’s most “green” about Recompute is the manufacturing process. One material, two case components, three electronic components, four manufacturing processes. Simple to make which translate into lower costs, quick response and of course a small ecological “footprint”.

Recompute is not without its critics. Devin Coldeway of CrunchGear writes, “Look, I’m all for making things greener. But putting a cardboard shell around a bunch of toxic metal and plastic and calling it eco-friendly is bullshit of the highest order.”

It’s premature to tell if the concept of cardboard electronics is sustainable (aka – will consumers buy it) as Recompute has just hit the market. I’d give it a 50/50 chance of success. This is one to watch.

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