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Line2 is Offline


Line2 enabled iPhone

Line2 the new app for iPhones is creating quite a buzz.

It offers iPhone users a second line/number – great for serial entrepreneurs who require the the front of an established business “Press 2 for Sales” from the shoe-string corner of a coffee shop.

There’s much more to it. Line2 looks and functions virtually indenticly to your iPhone – so it’s Apple-easy to use. Line2 works off Wi-Fi so it readily compliments AT&T’s “less bars in more places”. Line2 VOIP makes all calls free. No minutes. No long distance.

There’s more good stuff with it as well. Enough to make me purchase.

Guess what? Couldn’t buy it.

I made the move to download this app for $.99 at the App Store on my iPhone – this is what I saw/read – “IMPORTANT SERVICE UPDATE: READ THIS BEFORE DOWNLOADING! We have temporarily disabled new account creation while we add capacity…..We are restarting signups by April 2….” This has caused many “one star” reviews at the App Store.

I’ve added an event to my iPhone calendar, complete with alert, to remind me to buy this app April 1.

We’ll see what happens. If Toktumi, Inc. has ramped up capacity they may have a real game changer on their hands.

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