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30 Second Commercials Are Too Long


The “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign for Dos Equis has already been written about by people way smarter than me. So I’m not covering new ground here. Today I saw the most recent titled “Ice Fishing” (via the web – not TV). It motivated me to write about the why and how this is working for Dos Equis.

Why? It’s creative and it resonates with a wide demographic and consumers.

How? Sure the production is well done, it’s done with a bit of humor and there’s a smattering of attractive females in every spot (this is mandatory for beer commercials).

But here’s why I think these spots work. Each commercial is a series of vignette’s that are easily consumed by a multitasking nation. Who has time to watch a 30-second commercial these days?

Certainly not “The World’s Most Interesting Man”

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