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Rush Limbaugh – Marketing Maven?


This is not a political post.  Regardless of what you think of Rush’s policies, you have to admire his marketing prowess.

New York Times Cover

What are the key elements of the Limbaugh strategy?

  • He has identified a market that speaks the same language:  conservatives
  • He understands exactly what they want to hear:  why the democrats are screwing up the country & how conservatives can gain power
  • He delivers what they want to hear: clearly, understandably and with conviction
  • He has the ability to rally his audience

And finally, he has a great medium which to produce the content which his audience can consume. Even branding his syndicated talk radio show as the Excellence In Broadcasting Network. The Rush Limbaugh show reaches over 158 million people and is heard on 600 stations across the United States

Rush isn’t for everyone… and if you don’t like him, he doesn’t care.  That needs to be your mantra too.

Liberal or conservative – Rush Limbaugh is model of marketing prowess that few national brands can match.

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