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Banned in Denver


On March 9th the Denver City Council on Monday unanimously banned new LED billboards in the city.

The move to ban new LED billboards, which are electronically operated, drew praise from several residents who said they didn’t want the nuisance of the bright signs disturbing the scenery of the city.

Frankly I like the LED signs. As an advertiser isn’t a big part of a billboard campaign to get your brand noticed? I can’t say I give a second glance to billboards with the smiling faces of the local radio stations morning show “Zoo Crew” or whatever they are.

On the other hand it’s a bit odd that Denver did not ban this billboard…

Bud Light Pitch in Denver

Translated to english it says “As good as the honky woman checking you out”

For those not in the know, the word güero is on par with gringo, a term used by Mexicans to refer to their pasty neighbors to the north. Güera, then, would be the female form of this, and this cocksure little ad plays off that to speak to Denver’s ever-growing Mexican community, basically proclaiming that Bud Light is “as good as the honky woman checking you out.”

That seems more offensive than the bright lights of an LED sign.

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  1. Katryna Johnson permalink
    03/23/2010 3:18 pm

    Interesting. We were just discussing these in class. I find them to be much more entertaining, but we had a good talk on how some people view them as obtrusive.

  2. Katryna Johnson permalink
    03/23/2010 3:24 pm

    Although this one in particular, I think I might have to borrow and add into my lecture at the end of the semester on offensive ads. Thanks for posting this – like getting more examples for class!

  3. tim martin permalink
    03/23/2010 6:29 pm

    I’m all for the cities cracking down on this kind of obtrusive outdoor. At some point the info overload and visual pollution has just gotta stop! Will we really miss a chance to make a purchase decision…or lose a sale…if we’re not bombarded at every turn? Maybe being effective, versus just downing people in flash, will come back in vogue.

    They’re also making a huge assumption that the drivers will look up from texting long enough to see the boards in the first place, but that’s another chapter in the overload story we probably don’t want to open here.


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