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Is Anyone in Washington Listening?


Gallup Poll - American's Priorities

The folks at Gallup publish more data about American’s moods, interests and satisfaction than most American’s can consume.

Today I came across the chart above. Wait a second! Health Care is #3. Jobs and the economy are more important according to the green bars.

My mistake is thinking that the media is interested in reporting on what we American’s think is important. Doesn’t appear to be the case here. The volume of media ranging from Dennis Kucinich’s swing to Nancy Pelosi’s “girls club” meeting at the White House has me confused.

I’m not alone in my thinking. In today’s Washington Post, Matt Shay, the new president of the National Retail Federation said, “Health care and immigration are among the top issues facing retailers, Shay said. But he said none of them can be addressed without first tackling the rough economy and the high unemployment rate.” Shay continues, “Unless and until we get those things done right, we can’t do anything else. And we really shouldn’t be doing anything else. It’s not responsible,” says Shay. “This is obviously important for a group that represents retailers. If consumer confidence is low and people don’t have access to credit, and they’re not making expenditures and purchases, then our members can’t create jobs.”

I couldn’t agree more.

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