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Note to self: Cancel Your Plans for Infomercial


Looking to connect with your customers? Forget about direct mail or branded infomercials. Consumers have changed how they research products. According to new research from BIA/Kelsey Group 97% of consumers are now researching products and future purchases online.

97% penetration is significant – no matter how you slice it. But here’s the number that is stunning – on average consumers are looking at 7.9 different sources for product information. Personally I’d consider a 3 to 4 source search on a product as thorough. If the average is looking at twice the number I do – there’s a group out there spending significant time deciding what to buy, for how much, from whom and when.

Why? Right now consumers are smart and scared. Research from Alix Partners reveals:

  • Despite technical signs of recovery, consumers are unconvinced that the weak economy will recover its vitality soon
  • Consumers remain anxious but less so than they were at this time last year.
  • Unemployment is not the only factor holding back retail spending. Across the demographic spectrum, consumers are restraining their spending

For anyone in business today, myself included, these findings are a call to action.

Go where your customers are.

Give them confidence in your product or services.

Oh, and maybe stay away from infomercials.

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