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Tiger’s New Stripes


Tiger Woods Tops Marketability Survey Of Sports Execs

Tiger Woods is not only the most marketable active athlete for brands trying to reach North American consumers, he’ll remain in that position for the next five years. Things have changed for Tiger since this headline and article  from a survey conducted in 2007 was published.

Tiger Woods - Top Cat

2009 was a challenging year for marketers, consumers, new Presidents and, of course, Tiger Woods.

Can he come back? Can he bring value to sponsors as he did in the past?

My gut tells me in 2 years or less he’ll crawl out of the mess he’s in to recover to nearly the same stature he enjoyed prior to the car accident he had that required his wife, Elin, to rescue him using golf clubs. (I’m relatively handy with tools, duct tape and Gorilla Glue – but golf clubs as the “jaws of life” is ingenious!).

Time will tell but my money is on Tiger.

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  1. 10/28/2010 9:59 am

    when choosing golf clubs, i always prefer to use an iron~”.

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