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Pandora Teaches – Persistence and Flexibility


I’m a fan of Pandora music. Pandora, billing itself as “internet radio” gives you more of the music you like and less of the other noise.

Select a musician or band and Pandora presents music you’d be inclined to like based upon the characteristics of the music. Select Neil Young and Pandora offers up CSNY, the Beatles and others.

The basic subscription is free.

Internet Radio

It’s a company that’s been on the verge of financial collapse for ten years. Scrambling like crazy, believing in the business and being flexible as to what the business looks like has paid off for founder Tim Westergren. In 2009 Pandora posted a profit.

A turning point for Pandora was the addition of an iPhone app. The day the app launched Pandora added 35,000 subscribers alone.

What I admire in this story is not so much about the success of Pandora. Rather it’s the persistence and flexibility Westergren embodied throughout ten years of tough times. I wonder if I posses that level of dedication?

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