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Toyota vs. GM – Not A Level Playing Field


Now that General Motors is a division of the US Department of Transportation (compliments of buyout monies) it is enjoying some newly acquired perks. Media blindness to your problems is the perk I’m referring to.

GM announced today it is recalling 1.3 million vehicles due to power steering failures. This announcement appears to be flying under the radar of the mainstream media.

Simultaneously the unprecedented grilling (and coverage) of Toyota leadership from multiple political fronts is staggering. Toyota execs are looking for their swords while GM has offered a “Crap…Sorry about that” statement.

I’m not here to argue the perils of accelerator problems vs. power steering problems. My gut says an accelerator sticking is a bigger worry than power steering failure…but that’s just me.

I own a Toyota Sequoia. 2003 with 138,000 miles. I love my Toyota. One consolation I have as the owner of a bigger than life SUV. If my accelerator sticks and I blast off into something like a tree, bridge or light pole – it will take a whooping from my 6,000 pound vehicle. And there’s some satisfaction in that knowledge!

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