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Game Changer – NanoGLIDE


I have a thing for socks.

In the summer I wear socks very little. I live in Minnesota and unfortunately summer is brief.

The balance of the year I wear socks. Your thinking this is news?

I only wear socks that meet my rigid criteria: no sag, high-crew length, friction free and no pilling. As a result I’m always on the hunt for great socks.

Holy crap, Sockman! I’ve found the next generation of sport socks. They’re made with NanoGLIDE, a nano technology fiber that has the second lowest friction coefficient known to man (carbon is the lowest…I had to look it up).

These babies feel great, dry quick, keep odor (that means bacteria) at bay and wash/dry very well. Because it’s nano technology the performance benefits are not simply added to the surface of the yarns. NanoGLIDE is impregnated into the yarns so it never washes out.

Socks made with NanoGLIDE can be found at REI  and

Check ’em out. Even if you’re not into socks I suspect you’ll love these socks like no other pair you own.

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