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The Weekender – Winter Olympics have gone “girly”


Ice Dancing, Figure Skating, Pairs this and Women’s that. If non-sport competition skating events are not your cup of tea – you’re SOL when it comes to NBC’s broadcast of the Winter Olympics.

On Valentines Day  German skaters, Aliona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy sashay onto the ice, NOT ONLY ARE WEARING HARLEQUIN COSTUMES, BUT ARE SKATING TO “SEND IN THE CLOWNS.”  Prompting Bob Costas to ask perhaps one of the best rhetorical questions of the young 2010, “Are we done with the clown outfits now?”

Growing up I remember USA hockey teams made up of 20-year old college kids (not pros under multi-million dollar contract) and skiers like Jean-Claude Killy (suave but a stud),”The Hermanator”  Hermann Maier (stud but a stud), Alberto Tomba (party down stud) and, of course, Ingemar Stenmark (quiet Swede stud). Even skating was special – remember Peggy Fleming?

None of them required clown make-up to win medals.

But I digress…

Who watches the Olympics? According to marketing geniuses like those at P&G – women!

The gold-medal spot from P&G “To Their Moms – They’ll Always Be Kids”

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